Welcome to the alpha launch of Benkei! Thanks for testing our software. More importantly thank you in advance for giving feedback. Please contact me [email protected] with any feedback.

What Does Alpha Mean?

Alpha means the software is not finished. It is NOT in stable. It will break. This is for testing purposes only! DO NOT USE IN PRODUCTION! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

If you are comfortable with things breaking. Lets get started.

Get Started

1. Download Benkei

Windows macOS

Download the application for your operating system.

2. Install Application


Double click on the download and install the application

3. Send Feedback

Did I mention we were after feedback. Please email me with any feedback at [email protected]

3.1 macOS only

If you are using macOS you will need to install the Phidget21 drivers. It will NOT work with the new Phidget22 library. We are working on supporting the new Phidget22 library going forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

What devices are supported?

Only the Phidgets range of devices are supported at the moment. The devices supported are the Phidget 1048 and Phidget 1051 temperature devices. If you are on macOS you will need to have the Phidget21 drivers installed on your system.

Do I need hardware?

NO. We’ve included some demo data. Try it out and give us some feedback [email protected].

Is this free?

YES. 100% free no credit card required. The only thing we ask is you send us some feedback [email protected].

Is my data safe?

We’ve heard many roasters raise concerns about data safety. We encrypt our database and all user data is encrypted. All connections to our servers are secured with the same encryption as banks. And we have many strict security policies. If you have any questions regarding security please contact us [email protected]

Keep in mind this should only be used for TESTING purposes only.

Will I need to be connected to the internet?

Yes and no. You will need to be connected to the interent to login. And you will need to be connected to sync your data. Otherwise you don’t need a stable connection. The app will keep working even if you lose your internet connection after you login. We are working on better offline support.

Where is feature…?

During the alpha we are focused on roast profiling. We will be progressively adding more features. Stay tuned.

What took so long?

Sorry everyone for taking so long. We give a more detailed answer here. Again our apologies.

Can we send you feedback?

YES! Give us feedback like it’s going out of fashion. Tell us if it crashes. Tell us if you hate it. Tell us if you love it. Oh god yes, feedback [email protected]